Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whole Foods

We are really focusing on eating healthy right now. I feel my best when I'm eating mostly whole and unprocessed foods. We are so lucky to have lots of food shopping at our fingertips!

Last night we were out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. We realized we didn't take anything out for dinner and MrHoppy was getting very grumpy and very hungry.

We pulled into Whole Foods to get something fresh and healthy. It's minutes from our house which is so nice! We needed a few things other items as well. People always say how expensive Whole Foods is - and it can be if you don't look for sales! We picked up 2 salmon burgers and a GIANT salad for dinner. I love that salad bar - seriously. We also grabbed a bunch of Clif Bars for his snacks and bananas. All for $20. Dinner for 2, I'm having leftovers for lunch today, snacks and produce? Not too shabby.

I have an exciting appointment in the works as well. Nothing work related - it's tattoo related. I think I found my artist so I'll share my idea and all the details on that very soon!

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  1. Hello, love! I just sent you a text, but what the heck...I'll post here too. So, I obviously came back to blogging (we'll see how that goes). I am so happy I can follow you on here and I obviously have a lot of catching up to do. Because stalking you on two other websites over the past few years wasn't enough ;)