Monday, June 29, 2009

Today is the day

We visit the RE for the first time... Wish me luck. Really I'm just hoping to get really good information and set up a time to get the Hubby's swimmers tested. Step 1 I guess! ::sigh::

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post #1

Well, this is my very first post - decided recently that I need an outlet, somewhere to get things off my chest without torturing anyone with what goes on in my head!

Totally depressed the weekend is almost over. 7PM on Sunday night sucks. After a whirlwind weekend of wedding festivities it's probably a good thing I'm home and relaxing. And NOT drinking - way too much of that this weekend. Hubbs is at work so I'm getting laundry done. Fun stuff.

Last week was rough - really rough. Work sucked and after a year of trying to get pregnant I saw my first IRL positive pregnancy test - my sister's. Don't get me wrong, she is my closest friend so I'm thrilled for her but also really sad for myself. The only silver lining is that we have our first appointment with the RE. Not excited it has come to that but excited that maybe we'll finally get some answers.

Going out of town for 5 days this week and it can't get here fast enough...

So this is a great place for me to vent, rant, cry, complain, whatever