Monday, December 7, 2009


I am so frustrated. That's the best way to sum it up. I hate this IF journey and wish it was over. I am so done. I took a test Saturday morning 12DPIUI and got a stark white. Nothing, nada. Right before going to a baby shower... Which was fine, it wasn't hard as I'm SO very happy for my friend. It's just part of the IF battle I suppose. We then had a fun night in our college town at a surprise birthday party. Stayed up way too late and played "we are in college again". Paid for it yesterday!

In other craptastic news - my DH is having a flare up of his ulcerative colitis. Don't worry, no gory details but it's not good. When he was diagnosed 5 years ago he landed in the hospital for 2 weeks, got a blood clot in his leg and his heart stopped because he was in such bad shape... SO needless to say I'm worried. Really worried. But he's going to the Doctor this afternoon and we will be back to taking it easy. He needs lots of rest and a healthy diet. So... hopefully 2009 will be over soon and 2010 will be our year...? It's our turn to catch a break I think

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