Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Longest Month Ever

At least it seemed that way to me. The beginning of the month started with our appointment with the RE. Financially our only option right now is IUI - IVF is 100% OOP and we just can't afford that right now. Our RE thinks the chances of a BFP with IUI are slim but is willing to try. IVF is the best choice but unfortunately not in the cards for us now...

So... we are taken into the ultrasound room right away to check my ovaries to make sure it's safe to start Clomid this month. Everything looked good and AF arrived the next day.

CD 5-9 50 mg of Clomid before bed
CD 12-17 OPK's! Got my positive on October 21st, IUI scheduled for October 22nd.
CD 17 - IUI #1

November 6 - BFFN and AF arrives

So that's where we are. A FAIL for our first try and I was so disappointed. I tried really hard to hide it and keep my head up and I feel like I did an OK job... I have to just focus on the future I suppose and start focusing on IUI #2.

I hope those numbers go up again. We could sure use a higher post wash score!

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