Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 20 Reasons I Have Been MIA...

Here is our last week in short:

1. Work out. All the time. I got fat on vacation

2. Work. The boss man gets grumpy when I'm gone

3. Get excited for one of my BFFs birthday BBQ

4. Go to birthday BBQ

5. Get a call after about 4 beers that our house was broken into

6. Burst into tears

7. Pregnant sister rushes us home - we can't drive after a few BBQ beers

8. File report with police while the husband screws the broken front door back on with a sheet of plywood

9. Thank my lucky stars for our alarm company - without them our house would be e.m.p.t.y.

10. Realize a flat screen was taken from our bedroom.

11. Get pissed.

12. Realize I should be thankful they didn't take more.

13. Thank alarm company again.

14. Coax our poor, scared shitless kitty out from behind the water heater

15. Thank God that our dogs were at the BBQ with us - I don't want to think of what could have happened

16. Stay the night with friends - who wants to stay in this house on this night? Not me.

17. Go down to the station and give our prints.

18. Become close with a certain cop in our area and I'm very thankful for his hard work.

19. Order new front door from neighbors who coincidently own a wholesale construction materials company and hooked us up.

20. Give the neighbors the phone number for our alarm company which they, in turn, are thankful for.

So long story long, we were robbed, I have been a nervous wreck, MrHoppy has been working a ton and I absolutely hate how our quiet neighborhood now feels unsafe to me. :( It's amazing how unsettling something like this can be...

Hence, the reason I haven't blogged, edited and posted pictures or commented on any blogs in the last week. Hopefully after this weekend life will be 100% back to normal...


  1. OMG Scary!!! I wonder what your ridgey would have done if she was home. Ours is so protective of us, our baby, and our home. Hope you start feeling safe again in your own home. So sorry this happened to you.

  2. holy shit hoppy! that's crazy. I'm so sorry :( I'm glad it was just a TV. Were there any leads or did anyone see the person/people who broke in? So scary.

  3. Thanks girls, it was such a stressful weekend. And I'm tired this week from not sleeping well. They are waiting on prints to come back but who knows... I'm so glad our pups were with us!!

  4. OMG! I am so, so sorry Hoppy! I know exactly how you feel unfortunately. When I was still living at home in college my mom's house got broken into. She lives in a very safe suburban neighborhood too. It ended up being a druggie neighborhood woman that they caught a year later. She had taken a lot of my mom's jewelry, including her engagement ring from my dad :o( Since they have been divorced forever I was really sad because that ring was going to be mine (her words) and neither of them have anything that they shared together anymore.

    Anyway...didn't mean to ramble on....I'm so glad that you and your pups weren't home (poor kitty!!) and nobody was hurt. (((hugs)))