Monday, June 13, 2011


Things are getting back to normal here at the Hoppy house. Finally! Thanks for all the words of support after my last post. I'm feeling better each day.

I want to share some pictures from our Seattle vacation, we took so many and I was planning to edit them but I just haven't had the time! So here they are straight from my camera.

We visited with MrHoppy's sister and her husband and our new niece. We had been dying to meet her and had such a great time with them. It was relaxing and busy all at the same time - if that's even possible. ;) I feel like I saw as much of Seattle as I could during the days we were there.

I'll do a seperate post devoted to Vancouver. I have to say Vancouver might be my favorite city to visit so far... You will see why!

MrHoppy and baby J

I was so amazed at the amount of fresh flowers in the Northwest. I loved it!

Pier 70 where the Real World was filmed

At The Locks - It was pretty cool

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