Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back on Track

May was a tough month on me. I like to talk about the things I accomplish and overcome but sometimes I have a month where that just isn't the case. And I just need to vent somewhere!

First let's talk health and fitness. We had a fantastic month full of fun, travel, restaurants and beer. Lots of beer. ;)

Hence the reason I am so glad to be home and back to my normal routine and schedule. I feel like I made some good progress in the last few months toning and building muscle and it amazes me how quickly it changes when I'm not diligent.

Back at home means back at the gym. Hard core. And back to healthy eating. Double hard core. It's gone well so far this week and I'm feeling better already.

Do you ever feel like everything in your life is out of place? I'm feeling that way right now. There are things going on with us that might mean changes. They are mostly exciting but also a little scary. I will be sure to give updates when I have them!

Work is work. I'm not 100% happy in my job but I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. It's not really a good time to search for a new career and I'll be honest: I don't really know what I would want to do anyway. So I bide my time in my position (which is awesome and I'm lucky to have) and think about what I might do if things here ever change.

The house is the house. I still have decorating and changes I want to make but after traveling so much in the last month funds are tight. I have things I'd like to do in the yard as well but it's hard to find the time.

So I just keep going. I feel overwhelmed and I know I'm just rambling. Pictures from our trip are downloaded and I'll be sharing more about our trip as soon as I can! I feel the need to make a list...

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  1. I completely understand the overwhelming feelings and feeling like you are off. That's the story of my life right now! I hope everything works itself out for you and I can't wait to see some pictures!