Friday, September 16, 2011

Labor Day - Better Late than Never!

I know I keep saying it but man, we are so busy! Between MrHoppy taking classes now that school has started, me going to the gym as much as possible and work - I feel like we barely have a chance to sit down and catch up, much less blog! But I promise, I'll be better and I have lots of fun photos to share!

We had a great 3 day weekend celebrating Labor Day. And what did we do? What else? Camping! This was a fun trip though, we went with my brother in law's family. They own land in a beautiful place here in CO and we love going up there. It's so peaceful and gorgeous. I got lots of quality time with MrHoppy, my sister and of course my nephew. He's growing up so fast!

It was a weekend of family, fun, horseshoes, grilling and of course, BEER!

He was in the middle of showing his "pretty eyes". Silly kid.

Hanging out around the fire with the family.

K made awesome kbobs for our first dinner. Chicken, peppers, onion and pineapple. Grilled over an open fire, can't beat it!

Hats off to people that photograph kids - How do you get them to look at the camera?! What a cute family. It was gorgeous weather, chilly at night but warm during the day. This was dusk and we were still only wearing hoodies.

A very loved little boy. Did I mention that I think he understands there's going to be a new baby? He calls her "sis" and kisses his mama's belly. Such a sweet boy!

What a good lookin' family!

Looking at his crazy Uncle "Bubba". Anything motorcycle related and it makes him think about his Uncle

Playing on the dirt bike with Uncle

Day 2 hike. I love this hike, we do it every time we are up there.

MrHoppy looking cute as usual

Look at these views!

Taking a rest at the top. It's short but pretty steep. Giz doesn't join us on these hikes, he waits patiently back at camp for us to return!

This was a creepy situation. K's Mom found this pile of rocks, sticks and shoes. There were TONS of shoes all arranged inside the sticks and rocks. OLD shoes. We were all super creeped out, I think it was actually set up on their land! You can imagine the stories we came up with about the set up. Blair Witch Project anyone??

O wouldn't nap this day and was pretty grumpy. It made him laugh to hold him, dip him and let my hair tickle his face and then come up for kisses. Giggles and smiles until it was time for bed!

Kisses for Auntie!

The battery on our point and shoot was dead, dead, dead. Hence no photos after dusk. We put the DSLR away when the sun went down. It would be NO fun to have a broken camera!

I was sad it was the last camping trip of the year. But, I'm loving the Fall weather that has finally arrived in CO. This weekend is my birthday so we're having dinner with the in-laws tonight, a night with friends tomorrow and dinner with my family Sunday. I have Monday off, hooray for 3 day weekends! I'm looking forward to some shopping with my Mom!

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