Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Updates from a BAD Blogger

Where did August go? Where did 9 days of September go? My life has been so busy and chaotic!

I have loads of pictures for posts and just need to make the time to write them!

Work is crazy but good. Really good. Exciting. :)

Life is busy but good. MrHoppy is doing so well in his new job. Classes start next week which will be challenging but we'll make it work. (I sound like Tim Gunn!)

Working out is good. I'm doing it, I'm making the time.

Eating has been total crap. I'm working on improving that. I WILL do it.

My birthday is in a week. I love my birthday but funds are tight this year. We'll do something fun on the cheap!

If you are still reading my blog - thank you. I promise I'll be better and way more entertaining. There's a lot going on, I just need to make time to share it!

TGIF Everyone!

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