Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Road Trip!

We have a close friend who graduated with his doctorate last month so 5 of us road tripped it to Nebraska for his graduation weekend. 5 adults in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We made it work. :) It was a W-I-L-D weekend! These boys all grew up together so when they all get together - watch out! It was a blast. C arranged a "Tournament of Champions" that included Texas Hold 'Em, Bowling, and Putt Putt Mini Golf. I didn't place well overall but I DID take 2nd in the poker tournament. 2nd to MrHoppy who took first! This was the best event to win as we walked away with some cash. :)

Night 1: Poker Tournament. It went so late we had to finish up Sunday afternoon. First and 2nd place baby!

MrHoppy's Uncle. Yes, we took a keg with us everywhere we went in that hotel. I'm pretty sure the staff HATED our guts.

We are so proud of him!! Our Doctor. :)

Cute boys. How does a little mountain town produce such good lookin' men?

Horrible picture. But, it shows the 4 of them together. Love it!

Night 2: Bowling! I am NOT a bowler. I think I took 2nd to last. But I have fun and I (sort of) try.
MrHoppy and M

MrHoppy didn't have the best scores either. He was sad.

What is he doing to her?! We may have been drinking a bit... :)

M and me. We had such a great weekend together!

See that score?? Ignore the 45 and look at the 198! That is M's score. She is a bowling shark!

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