Saturday, February 13, 2010

Appointment with the Vag Cam

It sucks being up at 6:45 on a Saturday morning but at least we got good news! Did the usual 50mg of Clomid this month (CD5-9) and my right side produced 3 follies! 15, 17 and 19 so I'll trigger tomorrow night and IUI #4 will be Tuesday morning. Lining was 10 so my RE was really happy about everything.

The only downside of the timing is that DH usually gives me my shot in the butt and he'll be working tomorrow night... So I think I'll ask my wonderful sister to do it. I got the instructional video from RE so she can watch that. It's not hard, just nerve wracking.

The joke around here in the 2WW is I tell DH that the baby (with 1 folllie) or last month the twins (since I had 2 follies) were making me tired. I guess this 2WW it will be the triplets are making me tired! It's all in jest though - the chances of even 1 fertilizing with DH's numbers is SO low. But... Maybe we'll get lucky this cycle!

In news NOT IF related - I did the 30 Day Shred again last night and my shoulders and inner thighs are even more sore today. I'll take today off I think. We are doing our little Valentine's Day celebration tonight by making dinner. But... DH is totally tired and grumpy today and not feeling good at all. Ugh. I get that he is sick and has a disease but sometimes I want my old healthy husband back!

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