Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IUI #4 Done!

And now we wait... I have become a professional at waiting let me tell you. Having IF AND a husband with UC has tested my patience many a time. And will continue to I'm sure!
I was kind of disappointed - his post wash numbers weren't very good but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They weren't the worst we've seen but not the best. I'm just hoping those 3 follies make a difference for us! I have been feeling a lot of pressure on my right side last night and today, especially when I'm sitting so I'm hoping that's a good sign and that all 3 were the perfect size.

I have been torn about what to do in my 2WW - I have avoided hard workouts and done them exactly the same as normal on different cycles and it hasn't made a difference. I think I'm going to just go about my life normally and not worry about it. People get pregnant all the time right? If it's going to happen it will happen.

I kind of miss being in college and celebrating Fat Tuesday - it was always a good time. Instead I'll work out, shower and lay on the couch with the pups. I'm so old...

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