Friday, February 11, 2011


I am so happy that it's Friday. We have a fun and eventful weekend coming up!

Our friends from Florida, the ones we visited in November (see that post here )are coming into town tonight. We're picking them up from the airport at 8:45 to start a fun filled weekend!

Tomorrow we'll be up at the crack of dawn (which I'm dreading, there will be drinks and catching up tonight, I know I'm going to be tired) to head up to Copper Mountain again for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Fighting the crazy mountain traffic I'm sure... Our great friends T and M are meeting us there as well. 3 very fun couples on the mountain - watch out!

Tomorrow night all 6 of us are staying in Silverthorne (where there will be more drinks and fun) together in one hotel suite. Should be interesting! And fun. Have I mentioned how much fun I'm expecting to have?!

Sunday we are hitting the slopes again. We're planning a full day since traffic coming down the hill is always a nightmare. We all have Monday off work so there is no rush to get home. Sadly M and R fly back home Monday. I know the weekend will go by quickly especially since this trip has been planned for months.

I plan to take lots of pictures that I'll share next week. TGIF everyone!


  1. This sounds like an awesome weekend! Have a safe and wonderful time! I'm going to a ski resort too this weekend..well as much as WI can do a ski resort ;o) I might try snowboarding for the first time - that will be hilarious.

  2. Fun, you have a great weekend too! I snowboard and MrHoppy skis. You should definitely try snowboarding, I love it. Although you have to try it more than once - the first time is hard but it's so fun!