Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Florida - Better Late Than Never

I finally sat down tonight and downloaded the pictures we took in Florida. It's been a month since we've been home so I'm just a tad bit slow... But better late than never right?
Like they never spent a day apart!

We arrived on a Wednesday and were picked up in Orlando by M, one of MrHoppy's college roommates. We love M and hate that we live so far apart. We drove the 2 hours to the house he purchased this year with his fiance, R. We hadn't met R and I just knew from what I heard about her we would be fast friends. I was right! The 4 of us had a great time while we stayed with them. The wedding was Saturday and was absolutely beautiful!
Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner
Fire pit in Florida with our friends!

Helping at the reception site

Brady and I (M's son) who I absolutely loved spending time with
MrHoppy and me - he looks so handsome in his tux!

Reception - MrHoppy was the Best Man

R and I - Beautiful Bride!

Sunday morning first thing we drove to Daytona Beach to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa for one night. My Aunt and cousin that live in Jacksonville came down for the day so we got in some fun family time. We were so exhausted from all the partying we did the last few days we slept 12 hours that night! It's very quiet at my Grandma's house... :) We walked on the beach Monday morning with her and took her to lunch at a crazy sandwich shop with a giant gorilla on the wall. Delish!

My Granda and me walking on Daytona Beach

Monday afternoon we headed to DisneyWorld. I was so excited, I hadn't been in years. And I've never stayed at one of the hotels there. Our reservations were at the Port Orleans resort, right on the little river. After checking in we rode the ferry to Downtown Disney and hung out all night at an Irish Pub we found. I don't know what it is about us and Irish Pubs... They get us everytime!

On the boat to Downtown Disney

Tuesday we got up early (barely, it was rough!) and hit the Magic Kingdom. We had a fabulous day - it was the perfect time of year to go apparently. No lines and no crowds. Anyone who knows MrHoppy knows how he feels about crowds. He gets stressed! We went out that night again in Downtown Disney (why not, it's vacation!) and went to bed a bit earlier than the night before.

Magic Kingdom!
Then it was time to head home. The week of vacation we waited so long for just FLEW by. It was great though. I love to travel.


  1. Oh man, Disney is one of my dream destinations! I'm hoping C and I can make it soon. The pictures look great. :)

  2. Thanks! It was so fun. Although I think when we go again we'll do Epcot. Magic Kingdom was fun but without kids I think we'd enjoy Epcot more.