Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Black Cloud

OK, for the last 3 days MrHoppy has had a black cloud over his head. I'm ready for the skies to part and for sun to shine down on him! His black cloud is bringing me down too folks...

Last Thursday he was SO excited - his new iPhone finally came in! We spent the evening getting it set up, updating his aps and inputting his information. It was quite an upgrade from the phone he had with his previous carrier. We are such Apple people.

Then on Sunday he went dirt biking with his cousin. Do you see where this is going? T's bike wouldn't start to MrHoppy went back to get pliers. Fast forward to a wreck on the dirt bike. His phone and the pliers were in his camelback together. Guess whose screen was smashed by the pliers? 2 whole days of using his new phone and it's ruined. We're trying to check on getting it replaced but it's not looking good. $199 is where we're at right now. And that's $199 we don't have after purchasing the phone just last week...

He was so sad. I was sad for him. He just can't keep anything nice!

Yesterday he had a REALLY rough day. I guess it was just annoying in general anyway. And got worse when a can of black spray paint exploded on him. Yes, you read that correctly. A can of BLACK spray paint exploded on him at work! To top that off he drove home dirty and with traffic his commute took twice as long. He opens the door, finally home to a disgusting stench of poop. Dog poop. Poop from a very sick dog...

I have photos of this explosion but I'll spare you. Our Ridgeback got a case of explosive diarrhea in her kennel. It was everywhere. Everywhere. All over her, the wall, the kennel, the dresser, the carpet, her bedding. Poor baby, who knows how long she sat in her own filth while we were at work. It was the straw that broke the camel's (his) back. Poor guy was still cleaning when I got home. Covered in spray paint of course.

B was outside shivering - he had given her a bath with the hose and she was miserable. And had been sick 4 more times in the back yard. I have her an anti-diarrheal and that was the end of the explosions but she still isn't feeling well today. We're not sure what upset her tummy - she rarely gets sick. But she's holding down water, eating cottage cheese and doesn't seem to be in pain. I was so glad we weren't up all night with her.

I hate when our babies are sick, they are so helpless and can't tell us what is wrong. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well today while we're at work. My sister is going to try to check on her too. And I hope this is the end of MrHoppy's little unlucky streak. If it's not - this is going to be one LONG week! I also hope the spray paint comes off his neck and head sometime soon... He looks pretty silly right now!


  1. Poor Mr. Hoppy and poor Ridgeback!! Mine is super sad because for the first time in 10 months she is home alone all day again. Makes me super sad!

  2. I wish we lived close so our Ridgeys could play! She is feeling much better thank goodness! I hope your girl is OK being alone again, if she's anything like B she'll probably just sleep and be rearing to go when you get home! :)