Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something to look forward to perhaps?

I've just been so down lately I thought I should think about something positive this afternoon! Work is slow, I'm bored and just feel like I'm waiting for this day to be over!

So here goes: DH is having his first Remicade infusion tomorrow morning at 8AM. And I'll be honest, I have A LOT of hope that this will be the fix for him. A lot. I really hope I'm not disappointed. I have a vision in my mind of him leaving the appointment and feeling like a new man. Which in turn makes me think I'll feel like a new woman tomorrow night when I get home from work. How amazing to come home to a healthy and happy hubby? Not one in PJs laying on the couch sick where he's been all day by himself. Which means tonight will be the last night he is miserable at work, cramping, rushing to the bathroom, etc.

Could it be? Something positive for a change? I think so... I hope so... Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Ok, I have to ask. What exactly is this Remicade infusion? I tried Googling but was still somewhat confused. Is your hubbs ok? I hope it goes well!

  2. DH has ulcerative colitis and is having a flare of it right now. So Remicade is a drug they give to UC and Crohn's patients through and IV and it helps a lot of people with their symptoms. He's doing OK, it wasn't the miracle I was hoping for right away but he goes back in 2 weeks for another one - they do a pretty heavy regimine for the first 8 weeks or so... Thanks for asking though, I am really hoping it helps quickly!

  3. Wow that is interesting. Is there anything he can do to change his diet that helps that or no? Also, do you think that that has something to do with his IF? Hope he starts feeling better soon, poor guy.