Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm not surprised but it doesn't make it any easier. This is TMI but starting Sunday night I had really sore and tender nipples which was a 100% new symptom for me. I can't lie - it got my hopes up. I POAS this morning at 14dpiui and as soon as I did I felt SO foolish for holding out hope. I just knew it was going to be negative so I went downstairs, let the dogs out and fed them before coming back up to look. Stark white. Of course. DH was still in bed so I went and told him and he said "I'm sorry baby, I honestly thought you were pregnant this time" which made me cry. He was sad too but of course, won't show as much emotion. I am so tired of this infertility struggle and am really looking forward to a break from cycling the next 2 (AT LEAST) months. Mexico in April will be just what we need! A fun getaway!
AF should be here tomorrow - yippee... DH is working again tonight so I think we might hit up happy hour tomorrow night, why not?

Sorry this is such a downer post, it's my mood today. Tomorrow will be a new day.


  1. Hey-I am so sorry...there is nothing worse than getting another negative. Hang in there...a break trying naturally for a couple of months could be just what you need. I totally understand about not seeing the comment right away. There is something you can do though so you never miss one. If you go to your dashboard, under your blog name click on settings, and then click on the comments section. At the bottom of that page you can put in your personal email so that every time someone comments you get an email, it is so useful!
    Ok, so as far as the whole sudafed thing..I was so skeptical. I really thought, if this works it will be a miracle, but I guess it has worked for a lot of people so we gave it a shot. I did not do anything special.....I didn't use preseed, or put my legs up or anything like that which I have tried in the past. We just did it consistently every other evening around the time I knew I was ovulating. The doc. had told us to both take it, but I knew there was not anything wrong with me, so I was hesitant, but decided to anyways. 4 hours before, he would take 3 and I took 1. Then two hours later, two hours before, he would take two more. Then two hours later we would do it. So 5 sudafed in 4 hours. Also it was just plain, old sudafed, but make sure you get the kind with the pseudoephedrine in it, because the first time I bought it I accidentally got the kind without it. And just a warning...my DH said he just always felt SO dry on those nights, because of how it is a decongestant. His nose would be dried out and he would be chugging water like all evening after that! Also make sure he stays SUPER hydrated on those days, it makes a difference in consistency. OH and he quit drinking caffeine and alcohol about 3 weeks prior. I know a lot of doctors say that those will not affect sperm but I think it is total crap. They say it takes about 2 months to create a "whole new batch of sperm" so we thought it would take a while to get out of his body, but this is what I cannot understand. His count was AMAZING...very very high. But for some reason something was pretty much completely killing them off, and they had no idea what it was and couldn't figure it out. I don't know. It is a small price to pay and worth a shot. I am praying for you....if this worked I would be so ecstatic for you!!

  2. Wowza...sorry that was so long!

  3. Thank you for the information - I appreciate you taking the time! :)