Monday, May 17, 2010


I hope everyone out there doesn't think I'm crazy but I'm going to confess to something: I would MUCH prefer to sleep alone. So much so that my DH is banned to the guest room for the next few nights. For those of you that can't believe a loving wife would want to sleep seperate from her husband let me give you the backstory...

1. He works until about 2AM 3 nights a week. That means that when he finally comes to bed at about 3:30AM he wakes me up - and a lot of times I can't fall back to sleep. This makes for a very grumpy, tired and angry MrsHoppy.

2. Midnight molester - yep - guilty as charged. Him, not me. He gets so handsy in his sleep, trying to get into my pants and talking dirty. All it does is wake me up and makes me grumpy, tired and angry the next day. And he really is mostly asleep when he does it. It was funny the first 100 times but not so much anymore...

3. The Stink - Yes, he has UC but I swear sometimes I am woken up by his, ummm, toots? He has a disease, he can't help it but I can't help that I am tired of sleeping with the King of Stink!

4. And lastly - he is sick this week. Poor boy has a cold but he is SNORING up a storm. I'm a light sleeper so last night was a disaster. All of the above - except #3 - were going on. 3 out of 4 isn't bad right? Not when you have to be up early and work all day!

So tonight he is sleeping in the guest room. The bed is awesome, the featherbed on it is super comfy and it has dark shades so he can sleep in. Why then is he acting like I killed his dog? It won't hurt either of us to get a good night of sleep. I won't be mad, waking him up to tell him to stop snoring and without his madness I *might* sleep a full 8 hours. Uninterrupted.

I can't wait to go to bed tonight!


  1. You're not crazy at all, we have a lovely guest room that my DH is well acquainted with too. But getting a king bed helped us a lot, and now he's been invited back, for now. ;)

  2. You. Crack. Me. Up! Haha! T snores terribly too! He isn't much of a groper, though. Hope you got some rest!