Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been a bad blogger!

It was a busy week at work and my computer was freezing up every time I logged on. What is new this week?

AF arrived and I realized that I am 29 and on cycle 29 of being off BC. 29/29 and it's depressing. I know we don't have a shot in hell of getting pregnant on our own but the thought of a surprise BFP is always in the back of my mind. Sad right? Pathetic? AF is just another reminder of what we can't, and may never have.

Living "child free" has been on our minds lately. So much so that we are talking about selling our big house here in the 'burbs and buying in the city. We don't need 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and all the space for just the 2 of us. On one hand it makes me sad, I LOVE our house. It's the house we bought together, decorated together, finished the yard, the basement, built a huge deck. All with the hope that we would have an adorable family to share it with. It may not end up that way. Not to mention that my sister, BIL and adorable nephew are about 2 miles away. It would be so hard to move even 30 minutes from them after being so close for so long. We'll see, DH called and talked to our realtor so we'll meet with him next week. We definitely aren't going to make a move without doing well and making money on this house. But it's a possibility and I am torn about it...

In fun news - IT'S THE WEEKEND! And it's Memorial Day weekend! We are hanging here tonight, packing and getting ready for 2 nights of camping. I am super excited, it will truly feel like Summer once we are outdoors more. And it's the first camping trip for my nephew - I'm sure he'll love it! :)

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