Monday, May 3, 2010


Saturday morning my DH and I decided to go out for a run with our pup. I was so excited because we haven't run together in MONTHS. Mostly because DH kind of fell off the working out wagon... But he's back on now!

I was so disappointed and frustrated when we got done. I guess my crazy back and sciatic issues have slowly done a number on my pace. I was so slow compared to him - and he hasn't been running for the last 4 years like I have. I almost cried. It makes sense though, I haven't been able to do my usual twice a week sprint trainings, incline/hill runs and even getting 3 miles done has become a (literal) pain in the ass. I just can't do it physically. A close friend asked me if I wanted to do a relay marathon with her next year and I didn't know what to even say - will I be able to run at all by then? And if I'm going to do a race I want to do WELL. I have been avoiding races the last year for this very reason.

I'm so tired of being in pain I could scream. I'm tired of feeling held back - for someone as active as I am it is extremely frustrating. And with Summer coming up I'm just dreading more disappointment as I try to do my normal activities. I guess it's back to the chiropractor to see if they can help me...

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  1. I am so sorry, sweetie! I hope you feel better (though I know it takes a lot more than well wishes to make that sorta thing go away).