Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 4th - Better Late Than Never!

It's been tradition for the last 4 years to head to Nebraska for the 4th of July to visit some dear friends of ours. L moved to Colorado when her fiance landed a job here. They are both originally from Nebraska and L was lucky enough to grow up on a private lake there. To say that the set up is amazing would be an  understatement.

4 years ago they moved back to Nebraska for another job opportunity and to be close to their families. So the Hoppys made it tradition to visit them every year on the 4th! We miss them but each year it's like not a day has passed.

Now she and M are married, they have a daughter and another baby on the way. I miss her so much but am thankful we get to see each other even with our busy schedules.

It doesn't hurt that her parents are amazing, welcoming people. They let us stay at their house, provide us with food and drinks for as long as we can stay. She has a brother and sister that are both fun and amazing, and both married fun and amazing spouses! It's a big, loud, rowdy and fun loving group. We may or may not have sang the "America" song from Team America a time or two. Or 10. And we may have drank our weight in beer over the 3 nights we stayed. And then some!

The trip went way too fast.

The Beach

The View

L driving us on one of many booze cruises

Love this family

They pulled us around the lake on this raft. S, L's sister B and I

The "Island" in the middle of the lake. Note the Amierican flag that is always there. Love.

Look at this lil girl.

Let the party start!

L's Mom and me

The 3 crazy boys

M, L, and MrHoppy

The party always ends in the garage with karaoke (spelling??)

MrHoppy, B and S. We were getting a little wild...

We got home in time for fireworks on the actual 4th. MrHoppy had to be up at 4AM so he went to bed while I joined my sis, BIL and O for fireworks in our town.

All he wanted to do was snuggle with his "rah-rah" which is what he calls me. I love having a nickname!

So that's our 4th of July. I'm loving Summer so much!

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