Friday, July 29, 2011

(UN)Fit Friday

This week... Seriously has been chaos. It has tested me and although I've tried hard I feel like I failed.

Monday night we had dinner plans. I had all day class/meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday an hour from home. Which makes that 1:25 minutes from the gym. Thursday I don't know what happened. And this morning I was dog tired...

Nutrition: Aside from our dinner plans Monday we ate pretty well this week. I did go to Sunflower Market and pick up lots of fresh produce. Tuesday and Wednesday were challenging since lunch and snacks were provided at our meeting. I had a cookie in the afternoon on both days. Which isn't like me at all, I was just hungry and didn't have access to my normal healthy snacks.

Fitness: I got up early and ran outside on Monday morning. It was so nice. Quiet and peaceful that early.
I ran outside in the heat on Tuesday. Some of you may think that's crazy but let me tell you. I LOVE Summer and the heat. It doesn't bother me one bit. Just ask MrHoppy who pretty much thinks I'm crazy.
Wednesday was sans workout. I went straight from my meeting to get my hair done and didn't get home until 7:30. Long day and early to bed.
Yesterday I ran outside again in the evening. Heat!
We could not sleep last night. We both tossed and turned all night. When my alarm went off for my morning run I hit snooze and rolled over for more sleep!

The biggest thing I miss on weeks like this are my interval/speed runs and lifting. I need both of those things to keep me feeling my best and to keep my weight down.

Weight: 119 today. Up from last week. All things considered this week I'd say that's not too bad. :)

I am hoping next week will be more normal. Things are crazy busy at work which is both good and bad. I'm working an event tomorrow (planned kind of last minute) so I'm hoping things go smoothly.

Oh and in exciting news: I'm going to have a new niece in December! My sister found out Monday they are having a little girl. To say I'm SO excited would be an understatement...

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