Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some MrHoppy Funnies

Nobody likes to have fun more than my husband. Seriously, this man loves a good time. If there is fun in a 50 mile radius - he will find it. It's something that drew me to him and something that I absolutely love about him.

Sometimes, along with having fun comes planning. And preparing. And since we are fortunate enough to have lots of great friends and family around us it usually involves a few (or 10) couples.

Funny #1: MrHoppy thinks he is laid back. This is one of the funniest things he has said to a group of people who know him. We all burst out laughing. I'm actually chuckling as I type this.

Which brings us to...

Funny #2: MrHoppy is far from laid back. He stresses out and stresses everyone out around him when he gets in a mood. His Dad calls it a "moment". This usually happens when we're planning something a little bit complicated. The plan is all set and we're ready to roll. He inevitably tries to change the plans at the last minute. Every.Time. We all just wait for him to come up with a bigger, better (and WAY more complicated) solution to the plans that have already been made. And then we laugh when he does it. And smoke comes out of his ears...

And then comes...

Funny #3: MrHoppy thinks he isn't picky when it comes to what we eat. He goes as far as to tell me I have to decide. Whoa,  putting such a big decision in your wife's hands?? (Sidenote: I hate making food decisions, I'm happy for someone else to pick and I'm good to go).
Take a night recently for example. We were going to get dinner out and he told me on my way home from work to pick the place. I wasn't thrilled, but agreed. I got home and said my ONE stipulation was that they have a patio, I was in the mood to be outside. I then listed 3 places that have outdoor patios. He didn't want to go to ONE of them. He even said "I was thinking maybe Chili's".
Really?? Why did you talk me into deciding if you were going to shoot down all my suggestions and you already had somewhere in mind? I admit that I got upset for a little while. It was so annoying. But guess where we went? You guessed it. Chili's. Chili's doesn't have a patio people...
Tonight? I have hamburger thawed and peppers ready to go for stuffed peppers for dinner. Guess who doesn't want them? I'll give you ONE guess... And it's not me...

Funny #4: MrHoppy hates to be told to do ANYTHING. If I tell him we should clean Thursday he will argue and pout and declare that he will NOT be told when he is cleaning. Personally, I like to clean Thursdays because we go into the weekend with a clean house and don't have to worry about another chore on the weekend.
I've gotten wise to his ways. I ask him what night HE wants to clean and guess what his answer is? Thursday. Because he likes to start the weekend with a clean house and get that chore out of the way. Isn't this getting exhausting?

Funny #5: He is always starts "pissing contests" with me. And now I, in turn, have started doing it to him! If I say I have done something he says "well I did this", to which I answer "well I did This!", to which he answers "WELL I DID THIS!!!". Seriously, it's a problem. Here's a typical example.
     -MrsHoppy: I emptied the dishwasher.
     -MrHoppy: Yeah, well I cooked dinner.
     -MrsHoppy: Yeah, and I did the dishes
     -MrHoppy: Yeah, well I mowed the lawn after work
     -MrsHoppy: Yeah, well I put away all the towels and sheets
I could go on. And on. And sometimes we do. And it drives me insane but now he's sucked me into the habit and I'm doing it too! I told him that he's created a monster in me. We one-up each other all the time now!

In all seriousness though - I am super lucky. I have friends whose husbands are total bumps on a log and they can't get them to go out. I'd much rather be reigning my husband in than trying to convince him to have a good time! I am so glad he takes interest in our plans and doesn't leave everything up to me. Is it more of a pain sometimes? Absolutely. But at least he cares right? I'm also really lucky that he helps with 1/2 the housework. Again, I have friends whose husbands don't lift a finger at home. This would NOT fly at our house. We split the chores as best we can so we both feel we're doing equal work. Sometimes we bicker about it but so far, it works for us.

What are some quirks of other husbands out there? I hope we aren't the only crazy ones... Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I think Mr. Hoppy is my DH's brother. I was just thinking of writing a post about how stubborn he is. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad!