Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm too Old for Vegas!

Not really - we had an awesome time. But I certainly can't party like I used to! Those 5AM nights caught up with me on Sunday at the airport. I felt like total crap while we waited for our plane (and unknowingly missed our first flight - more on that later) and on the plane. No details needed, just know I felt terrible! But, let's back it up and do a play by play of our trip shall we? Since our camera was ruined at Mile High Music Festival we didn't have our own camera besides my iPhone. Which I wasn't about to take out with us (do you know how much those things cost?!) so I'll wait for friends to send me pictures and update pictures... Until then here's a summary in words of our trip...

Thursday: wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed to finish packing, eat breakfast and get ready for the airport. After trying to leave our neighborhood twice and having to go back for forgotten items we were finally on our way! We were there early as my sister and her hubby left an hour before we did. No problem! Hit up Rock Bottom for some nachos and beers before the flight!

Arrive in hot and sunny Las Vegas, we grab a cab to the Monte Carlo, fail miserably at an attempt to upgrade our already comped room (ha!), and hop in a cab for Carnival Court (or the "circle bar" as we call it!). A few buckets of beer later led us to a couple games of Roulette and then back to the room to get ready for the night. The girls decided to hit up a gorgeous bar called the Gold Lounge in Aria. Ladies drank free so we had a GREAT time!

Friday: We woke up and had breakfast first thing. We then headed to The Pub in the Monte Carlo and sat on the awesome comfy couches in front of a big screen for the afternoon. We planned our big night of bottle service at The Bank in the Bellagio. After getting ready for the night we headed to check in for our table. The birthday Gods were looking down on me and we ended up with the best table in the club! It was a balcony up top overlooking the entire club. 2 of our own servers and bottles of vodka for the night. I was a happy girl and we had a blast!

Saturday: We had planned a party cabana for this day but since those girls backed out we downgraded to a regular cabana. When the call came bright and early that morning we decided not to take the cabana. I didn't know when everyone else would wake up so we just decided it would be too expensive and not worth it. But I was wide awake and unable to go back to sleep... Crazy right? 3 hours of sleep is apparently enough for me! We headed to breakfast and then hit the pool at Aria where 2 of our friends were staying. It was gorgeous! I got fried which sucked. I'm already itchy from the burn. We got ready for the night and hit up a brew pub for a beer chugging challenge which my hubby of course won with flying colors! I was a damn proud wife! Then we went to the Red Square in Mandalay Bay for dinner. Russian Vodka bar so I was in heaven - of course! The food was delicious but by the time our 2 hour dinner was over I was spent. No more for this girl. I went to bed while my hubby won big on the craps table!

So that's the breakdown of our trip. It was fun, I didn't think about anything IF related for 3 whole days. We relaxed and got laundry done on Monday which was a big project. :) If I could be on vacation forever I think I would. I love travelling and going new places and trying new things. I just can't get enough and hope we have time to do more of it in years to come!


  1. glad to hear you had so much fun! I wanna party it up in Vegas soooo bad!

  2. Thanks, it was definitely a good time!