Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Weekend Recap

Whew, is it Tuesday already? Where did the weekend go? Oh yeah, it flew by because we were on the go every.minute.of.the.weekend. Seriously, it was really busy. But in true Hoppy style we had fun!

Friday night I made delicious (and healthy) turkey chili for dinner. We hung out at home and watched TV with a glass of wine since we knew it would be busy for the rest of the weekend.

Instead of getting up to lift on Saturday we slept until about 8:30 and had breakfast at home. After getting ready we made a 2 hour trek down South for my Uncle's wedding. He's been through a LOT in his life so I was glad we went to support him even though it wasn't the most convenient thing to do. He has a 15 year old son that he and our family found out about in the last couple years so we were able to meet him for the first time as well. Congrats Uncle G and my new Aunt L!

Straight from the wedding we headed up to my DH's cousin's wife's parent's condo in Black Hawk. Did ya catch all that?! We stay there a couple times a year and it's so fun. We had some cocktails, gambled and just enjoyed each other's company. They have been great friends to us so we really love hanging out with them. We didn't win any money but didn't lose it all either!

The Aspens are changing, it was pretty gorgeous up there

Sunday morning we headed home first thing to get ready and go to the Bronco game! Some great clients of MrHoppy's gave us 2 club level seats - for free. Can't beat that! After an hour of trying to park and finally walking to the stadium we had a cold beer and watched our beloved Broncos get beat by Indy. We had fun even if they lost.

Go Broncos!
The field from our awesome club level seats

A few pictures from my iPhone since we still haven't replaced our broken camera... That is a must in the next month or so!

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