Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vegas or Bust!

The tradition with our group of friends has become to celebrate our "Dirty 30" in style in Las Vegas. We go all out - gambling, shopping, drinking, eating, a VIP club night with bottle service and a day spent in a private cabana at the pool of our hotel. I think we might hit up The Price is Right game on Friday this trip too. Basically anything I can do to avoid thinking about the (difficult for me) fact that I am turning 30! That day is not until later this month but it's coming fast!

So, today is my last day at work until next week. Tomorrow we are heading to beautiful, hot and sunny Las Vegas. We've been thinking about this trip and planning it for about 9 months so I can't believe it's finally here! We have a great group of friends joining us: my sister and her DH, my DH's cousin and his wife, a couple from college and then a couple my DH works with will be there too for a seperate trip. I can't wait! We return Sunday and we are going to be exhausted... To say the least.

The only cloud that has fallen over this trip is that one of my friends from way back, (back when we were awkward, short Jr High girls with braces) cancelled out today. Seriously? The day before we leave? Turns out she never booked, waited until the last minute and now it's too expensive. No shit, it's the day before! I'm not even really mad, just disappointed. Not to mention that I got an email, not even a phone call saying "sorry I'm missing your 30th birthday celebration after telling you I would go for the last few months". Just an email. I've done A LOT for said friend over the years and it hurts my feelings that she did this. We planned certain things around the number of people in our group and it throws a wrench in things for everyone else.

But, I'm not going to focus on that now. I am so thankful to have everyone that IS coming to celebrate with me. And we're going to have fun. Pictures will follow but I warn you - things might be getting a little wild for me in the next couple days! Woo hoo!

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