Monday, August 22, 2011

Camp Colorado

We have been doing A LOT of camping this Summer. So much so that I'm rarely home on weekends. MrHoppy and I are lucky that we enjoy so many of the same pasttimes, especially when it comes to the outdoors. We both love to camp and we make it a priority in the Summer.

I think I posted last year about MrHoppy's family and their annual Family Campout. We did it again a few weeks ago and had such a great time. We left for our usual spot near Grand Lake right after work Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday morning. It was family time full of beautiful sights, sunsets, dirt bikes, hikes, beer, camp fires, and my favorite animals: Moose!

Setting up camp with the small group that made it up Thursday night

B waiting for everyone to get set up. She is so good about staying at camp without being tied up but while we were all busy I didn't trust it!

Giz hanging out in his coat with M. He is like a little baby

Sunset over the mountains. Can you blame us for loving being up there?

Full moon. M and I played with my new camera forever trying to get a perfect shot. I still have SO much to learn but she is really helpful.

Cooling off in MrHoppy's Aunt and Uncle's camper. It was soooo hot during the day! L thought she was one of us.

There I am getting ready for a ride!

It rained the first day so it was unusually cold the first night. I slept in my beanie with Gizmo!

A shot from the car on the way up

A shot of the lake from the car

Another gorgeous sunset

Full moon

Full moon with embers from the fire

They don't call it Colorful Colorado for nothin'

Fantastic view from the top of our hike.

Unfortunately MrHoppy and I did not defend our horseshoe tournament title. We took 2nd. Damn! It was all in good fun though. T & M, we're coming for you next year!

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