Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Concert

MrHoppy and I are lucky enough to still have friends in the town we attended college. So we have an excuse to sneak up there for a night out every once in awhile. Some of our friends have connections in said small town so this year we were able to get free Bunk House passes for the Clint Black concert. Woo Hoo. The Bunk House includes free booze and food so you can imagine how fun our night turned out. ;)

Am I a huge fan of country music? No. Am I a big Clint Black fan? Nope. Did I pay attention to the concert? Not really. We were too busy socializing and catching up with friends we don't see often! But we did have a really fun night and I'm glad we went. Who doesn't love an outdoor concert in the Summer?

MrHoppy with our friend K. K is married to one of MrHoppy's roommates from college.

MrHoppy hanging with said-friend K and another old roommate J

My sister and her hubby. Being el-pregnant-o she sweetly volunteered to drive our butts home. I may or may not have drunkenly talked her ear off for the entire hour long ride! Love you sis!

Sisters! We always take photos of ourselves this way for some reason. As do MrHoppy and I

Case in point

K & K nearing the end of the night. It was a fun one!

I really love Summer. But I'm always ready for the season changes we get here in Colorado. We're nearing my favorite time of year - Fall! It's sooooo beautiful here in the Fall, I can't wait. I'm dreaming of football, chili, pumpkin beer and crisp mornings!

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