Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's A...

I forgot to write about our family's good news last week!

My sister was sure they were having another boy. The heart rate was on the low end which sometimes indicates a boy. One of her doctors even said that was his guess and to tell him if he was wrong.

Well... Last Monday he was proved wrong!

I was so excited when I saw her pull into my parking lot at work. I knew she was done with the ultrasound but she was torturing me with random texts all the way to my office. :)

My BIL got out of the car and held up 3 fingers. I knew what it meant immediately! We had talked a lot about what they look for to confirm a girl and the "3 lines" were there! We got to look at the pictures on my computer right away. It was a really exciting afternoon. They are so happy and I am so excited for them (and us!).

I am so looking forward to having another niece. J is so far away and I miss seeing her grow and change. This new babe - being close - will be very spoiled by her Auntie! Let the girl shopping begin!

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  1. A little girl to spoil rotten! I bet her auntie will buy her adorable clothes.