Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh Colorado... Picture Overlaod!

Have I mentioned what an amazing place Colorado is to live yet? And it's not only because I'm a native - it really is beautiful! Especially in the Summer - there is so much to do outdoors and I try to take full advantage.
We really have had a fun Spring so far. We've camped, gone to the lake to boat and camp and I spent time with my best girl friends in the mountains. Last Summer I hiked my first 14'er, we went on a 4 day raft trip and grilled a ton on our amazing deck. This post is going to be a hodge-podge of fun pictures so prove I really do have a pretty amazing life...

I took a turn rowing on our raft trip
Our last day

DH hanging over the edge on a hike...

Hiking on our raft trip

With my SIL

El Capitan

It's pretty easy for me, I am just along for the ride!

Sunset the night before our launch

He looks cute in his glasses

Fun Summer wedding

Sunset at the lake

Out on the boat

We get to go to fun concerts

That last all day in the heat

But we love it!

A night out with my love

We are so lucky to have the mountains

Good times with good friends


The Lake

More hiking

And lots of camping

The dogs love to camp!

Almost as much as we do

Birthday party in the park!

Sunset in the mountains


  1. So beautiful!!! I wish I lived where there are mountains! I think that would make running more difficult though. Do you have issues running in thin air or is it just natural for you since you live there?


  2. Thanks, I'm pretty lucky to live here. I am totally used to the elevation since I've lived here all my life but if someone were to come from sea level they would have a hard time running. And when I run at sea level I feel like I could go forever! My lungs feel great!;)

  3. In that case I am jealous! I am visiting WY next week and not looking forward to running while there.