Friday, June 25, 2010


DH and I both think we should work on this in our marriage. And to be honest, it's harder for me than it is for him. I am just SUCH a planner - I like to know exactly what our plans are, what my week looks like and what our weekend plans are. It's hard for me to skip a workout to go do something, or to come upon a weekend with no plans, and ::gasp::, NOT make any! Even at work I am very organized with my calendar... What can I say?

I know, boring right? But I can't help it, I am a planner, a list maker, organized and a little bit of a perfectionist. It's not negative per se... But some spontaneity wouldn't kill me!

So yesterday I realized that our local MLB team was playing at 6:40PM. DH was off work so that worked... I contacted a friend who works for the organization since the game was sold out. He could get us tickets! So I jumped on it and called DH to let him know we were having a date night! It ended up being a really fun evening. We sweat our butts off until about 8 since our seats were in the sun, drank beers, ate nachos and walked around. It was great to get out and DO something instead of staying home and doing the same old stuff.

I'm feeling better about our relationship this week. I see him making an effort to include me in things, to spend time with me even if we are just relaxing at home. Last night we talked about how easy it is to please me. Seriously, I just want to spend time with him! Well that's not ALL I want of course but pretty damn close... ;)

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