Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Justice

Yesterday I was on the highway close to work finally driving home after the longest afternoon of my life. (Seriously, when will we win the lottery so I don't have to work here anymore?!?) Anyway... I was behind or next to a D.A.R.E van for most of the way. A Sheriff D.A.R.E van at that - clearly marked with lights on top.

He was behind me when a Subaru decided to cut me off, causing me to slam on my breaks and therefore causing him to slam on his breaks. The Subaru continues to drive rudely for a few more minutes, trying to cut in and out of traffic. Then she veers left into the HOV (carpool lane ONLY here in CO) to pass someone on the left. It is 5PM, there is traffic bumper to bumper. Does she not see the GIANT van with lights on top? Well she finally must have because she cut someone else off to scoot back into the left lane. Hoping she wasn't busted I'm sure...

Too late! He saw her and promptly pulled her over. My heart was singing, I even called my sister to tell her all about it. She appreciated it as much as I did. Because being the driver I am (more on that later I guess...) I felt that someone that thinks they are the only person on the road finally got what they had comin'! Thanks Mr Sheriff Man!

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