Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, hello...

Hello AF, nice to see you today! And I am not being sarcastic for once! Why, you ask, would someone be glad to see that evil witch? My answer is this: timing. Pure and simple.

My therapist thinks it's a good idea to get these last 2 IUIs done ASAP so that I can move forward and out of this limbo stage I feel I have been in. And I agree. So since AF showed today my monitoring appointments will all work out, I can take my Clomid (very sarcastic yay!) CD 5-9 and then trigger and have my IUI 36 hours later.

Do I think that after 4 failed IUIs this one will be magically successful? No, I don't. But at the beginning of this journey we discussed our stopping point with our RE and he thought we should give 6 IUIs a shot. So that's always been our number, 6... Let's get the #5 party started... Or something like that...

Not to mention that this 2WW has been awful. Swollen, sore boobs and I've been exhausted. So I hope with her arrival things go back to normal. Although my DH was pretty impressed with the "girls" this weekend. He'll miss them but I will not!


  1. I am sorry that it did not work again. I am still SO incredibly hopeful for you though!! Praying!

  2. Well, I'm glad the horrible 2WW is over for you so that you can move on to the next roller coaster of treatments.

    I'll be hopeful for you, mmkay? :-P