Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IUI #5 Update

What a busy weekend! It was super fun though, I spent SO much time with DH and it was just what we needed. No fighting, bickering or disagreements. I don't want to speak too soon but I think things might be looking up! I'll post pictures soon.

We also had some serious conversations about our future which I'll share soon...

But really I wanted to give a quick update on IUI#5. I had my first u/s appointment Saturday morning and things looked good. My follies were growing more slowly this cycle but there were a few more than usual. Little small ones that won't catch up but I'm wondering if that's the reason why? I had 3 all around 12-14 I think so I made another appointment for Tuesday morning (today!)

Sunday I started feeling like I was getting UTI. I get these more than anyone I know, it feels like I get them all.the.time. I chugged water and said a prayer hoping it would go away on it's own. No such luck. It bothered me all day yesterday and then last night woke me up, full fledged UTI.

After barely sleeping I got up at 6, got ready for work and made the trek down to my RE's office. On my way I called and they set up a u/a at the lab before my u/s. So I peed in my cup and headed over to see the vag cam again. Things progressed nicely since Saturday. I have a 19, a 17 and a 12 which should be mature for the IUI. They are going to have me to OPKs for the next 2 days and if I haven't surged on my own by Thursday I'll go pick up my shot, trigger Thursday night and have my IUI Saturday morning!

Have I ever mentioned how annoying the timing is for IUI's? Especially for us with MFI, we want him to have 2 days since ejaculation at least but no more than 4... It's so hard to tell when it will be with this wonky slow cycle so we're winging it... I just want good numbers to go with our good follies!!

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  1. Ugh! UTI's are the worst (I get them all the time too). The only good news is that if you go on antibiotics it can only help you get KU. GL!