Thursday, July 8, 2010

Saturday at 8AM

I'll be dropping off a sample in the lab and waiting with my DH to be inseminated!

I can't believe this is CD17 and I still haven't surged on my own. So I went to the pharmacy, picked up my Novarel and we are on our way. DH will give me my shot tonight at 8PM. Always look forward to that... Really, it's not that bad but I just get anxious he'll hit a blood vessel or something. He's a pretty good shot though!

We were supposed to go camping to ride dirt bikes this weekend but I think I'm going to pass. The boys will be riding all day so I would be bored. I also have a bridal shower on Sunday so the weekend is just feeling really jam packed. And obviously I wouldn't be riding dirt bikes or the 4-wheeler in the 2WW anyway! I'm not that crazy!

I've been a little worried this week about a polyp my RE said he saw in my uterus on Tuesday. He said it wasn't of any concern but it's bothering me, I'm going to ask about it via email and see if we can talk about it Saturday. I'm already thinking ahead to IUI #6, I think I'd like to have it removed before then if #5 is a BFN. Just in case... We'll see, hopefully we don't even have to go there!

I'm feeling kind of hopeful today. I always do this. I say to myself over and over: "why NOT me?". Why can't it be our turn for a miracle this time? Then what usually happens is we get the post-wash numbers, I cry, I am inseminated and I go home and veg out for the day. Then 2 weeks later I either get a BFN or AF arrives in full force. Could this cycle be different?

"Why NOT me?"

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