Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Camping - Picture Overload

We had an amazing trip caming with DH's family last weekend. It was the 3rd annual trip and it ended up being the best yet. The place we camped was much warmer than years past, there wasn't any drama (which is an accomplishment!) and we got to ride our dirt bikes and 4-wheelers all day Saturday. We ate good food, played horseshoes, Bingo, drank beer and just did mountain-y things. Heaven I tell ya...

I do have a confession though - I rolled my 4-wheeler. I know, I know, they are dangerous. But it really was a freak thing and I did everything right to avoid being pinned under it, getting injured or anything. I hopped off just in time. Plus a guy who was with us was right behind me and helped me flip it back over. Good thing DH didn't actually witness it - he tends to worry a bit... And I wear ALL the protective gear (helmet, elbow and knee guards, boots, gloves) as you will see from the pictures. I had to have my first wreck right? It was a beautiful ride - when I could pay attention to the scenery, that is. There were some pretty rocky and technical parts to this trail and it was kind of scary. I had fun though. I love being in the mountains, soaking up the fresh air, quiet and the feeling that all is right in the world was amazing.

I can't wait to go again. I think we're going to camp for the next 3 weekends in a row. We need to get it in before Winter comes... :(

And speaking of Winter - I'm bound and determined to get my DH to show-shoe with me this year. It's been on my to-do list for 3 years now and always gets put on the back burner. Plus we WILL get in at least one weekend of snowboarding. It's expensive and a pain but SO worth it. Anyway, back to Summer and the pictures from our trip. I'm no photographer (as you've probably noticed) but our crappy snapshots are just fine with me!

I love him :)
We always take jumping pictures - it's tradition...

Waiting to kill it in the horseshoe tournament

Guess which couple won the whole thing? Undefeated? Mr and Mrs Hoppy!


Getting ready to go on our ride

Sitting at the camp fire

It is so gorgeous up there

Me and my great friend M

The boys

Mr Hoppy and Lala

A moose and her babies - I am a moose enthusaist, they are my favortie animal!

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