Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I start peeing on them tomorrow morning! I have been feeling lots of twinges in my ovaries so I hope they are working hard! We'll find out how many we have and ::keeping fingers crossed:: hopefully they aren't ready until early next week. It would be just my luck to surge early when for every other cycle it's late. But, I knew that could happen going into this cycle. It is what it is.

My DH has been working like a mad man this week. Which keeps me really busy at home cleaning, making lunches, doing laundry, ironing, etc. He gets to leave for our camping trip Thursday, lucky guy. I have to wait until 5PM Friday since I'm covering work for a vacation. Bummer. So I better not surge on Thursday or Friday morning. If it's going to be early I want it to be when we can at least attempt TI!!!

Keeping everything crossed for a late surge and forward progress for IUI #6...

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