Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Awww Crap

Literally. I think the universe hates me. Like hates my guts...

All day yesterday I was thinking about our trip. All I need to accomplish before we go - laundry, gym (twice!), packing, pedicure (done myself of course!), bank, pay bills and wrap things up at work. It all needs to be done today since we leave bright and early tomorrow morning!

So Monday at 5PM finally rolls around. I pick up my carpool and head home. I walk into the house and it hits me.

The smell of dog crap.

Let me tell you a little bit about Gizmo. He gets diarrhea about every 4 months. He has to be put on an antibiotic, probiotic and anti-diarrheal during these bouts. Oh and an expensive bland canned food. We don't know for sure why this  happens but it seems like it has his whole life. Sometimes he eats other dog's poop though... This could be the cause huh? We were at my sister's house on Sunday and he was outside quite a bit...

So anyway, I walk into our house less than 48 hours before we have to leave him with my parents for a week. I know the drill: walk around the house and find all the little piles of poo and clean them up. Why would he keep it in 1 area?? That would be way too easy. Pile #1 is in the guest room. Along with some vomit from the cat. So I clean all that up. Pile #2 is on our white bathroom rug. No biggie, easy to wash and he likes to poop there for some reason... Pile #3 is the biggest and it's in the living room. So after using the last of our carpet cleaner I think I'm done. I finally change for the gym and go have a good workout. This will be the highlight of my evening...

Before I go I give him all of his medicine including the anti-diarrheal. This stuff is crazy strong - our vet says if they poop through that there is something really wrong.

When I get home from the gym I still smell crap. I look all over the house and can't find anything. We have brown carpet though and let me tell you - the poop and the carpet are the SAME color. So I shower, eat dinner and go about my evening. While I'm doing laundry I sit down to give myself a pedi. I walk over to turn on the light and step in a little pile of poop. Barefoot of course, I'm about to do a pedi! So I'm pissed. I go upstairs, wash my foot and clean it up. I then realize our bedroom kind of smells too. I walk over to the window to open it and air out the joint when... Yep. I step in ANOTHER pile of crap. Barefoot. I'm near melt-down mode at this point but I wash my foot again and clean it up.

And poor Gizmo. He feels terrible. I know he can't help it and he is never punished when he is sick but that doesn't make it any less gross or any less annoying. At this point I figure I'm done and I go to bed. Screw everything else I have to do.

He wakes me up at 5:30 to go out. He seems to feel fine and I know he's not actually "going". He's just trying to go. But he was pacing around our room and driving me crazy so I let him out and waited patiently while he sniffed and "went". When we got up an hour and a half later for the day I fed him his bland food, gave him his medicine and went to the window BEHIND our chair in the living room to let in the glorious sunshine. Because it's a beautiful morning!

 And what did I do? Step in another God-forsaken pile of crap. With bare feet - again. Is this some kind of joke?? Now they are very small piles, the guy only weighs 12 pounds and got the big one out in the open where I could see it. But I'm really worried about leaving him with my parents while we go to Florida. I don't have a choice but I'm just hoping this medicine works fast and he's on the road to recovery today! I know all the "piles" were from yesterday while we were gone and I just couldn't find them all right away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there aren't any new ones!

"I'm sorry Mom"

Gizmo looks sorry but that crazy cat Macie couldn't care less if I have to clean up her vomit! She's just going to lick and sniff her brother...

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  1. Poor thing (both of you!) I hope that he is doing much better already and your trip is fantastic!