Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Husband Award Goes to....

MrHoppy! He has been spoiling me this year.

A few weeks ago we were walking around an outdoor shopping center after dinner and a beer at Rock Bottom. He was humoring me and letting me go into all our favorite stores to "window shop". You all know how that goes right??

We went into Macy's and were browsing the jewelry counter. I noticed signs everywhere advertising that their One Day Sale was beginning the next day. My birthstone is sapphire so we were looking at rings.

Sidenote on me: I don't have many pieces of "real" jewelry. I have 1 pair of (small) diamond earrings, my wedding set and a necklace from Tiffany. That's it folks. I have wanted a right-hand-ring for a looonnnngggg time and MrHoppy was well aware of this fact.

A ring caught my eye right away and a very nice sales person was helping us. I tried it on and then saw the price tag. I handed it back to her and said a very sad "no way". Then she told us about the One Day Sale and that the price of the ring would be cut in 1/2. If we wanted to open a store card we would get an additional 20% off that! I knew we shouldn't spend money on jewelry so we walked away.

But... MrHoppy had her put the ring on hold. He went back the next morning at store opening and purchased my ring. He brought it home that night and surprised me with it. He isn't very good at keeping secrets so I had a feeling he might do this but I was still very surprised and excited! How did I get so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful husband?

I love my new ring! It had to be sent away and sized but was ready within a week. I've worn it every single day since. What do you think? It's white gold and the sapphire is an emerald cut. The sapphire is dark blue and looks absolutely beautiful in the sunlight.

These pictures do NOT do my ring justice. Do you know how hard it is to take a one handed picture with my new camera? It's hard! And I couldn't get it right with the ring on my finger so I just held it up. I am in love!

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