Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarcastic Thankful on Thursday

Man, I love being a woman. :::insert sarcasm:::

Didn't Shania Twain sing a song about how wonderful it is being a woman? Did she forget how we feel for 1 week out of every month? Wait, make that 2 weeks...

I guess she doesn't have a week straight of craving nothing but salt. Chips, fast food, pizza and canned ravioli anyone?

I guess she doesn't swell and bloat from all the salt she ingests that week.

I doubt she ever had to sprint home in the middle of a glorious morning run because she was about to crap her pants?

I guess she isn't kept up at night for the preemptive cramps?

That about sums up my life in the last week. The salt craving started the end of last week. Followed by the bloating and swelling. Last night the killer cramps kicked in. And then this morning I sprinted home (while taking breaks to double over from the cramps I was experiencing) to avoid a very embarassing situation involving poop in my pants. Poor Bisa couldn't figure out what was wrong with me!

"Why are we running home Mom? We aren't even done yet?"

I am happy to report that I made it. Barely. Now I'm just sitting at work waiting for the actual fun to begin. These 2 will be my best friends for the next few days... Water and Midol
Isn't it fun being a woman? So 1 week down, 1 more of actual AF to go...

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