Monday, May 16, 2011

Status: Ocupado

Well lookie there at that little bean.

No, no that is NOT my ute. It's my sister's and it is ocupado with baby #2!!

We have been calling this one "#2" and I think it's a pretty cute nickname. H/She should not be confused with THAT #2 though... Hee hee, bathroom humor gets me every time...

She found out she was expecting again in April and after having her 1st appointment has cleared me to announce her news to the blog world! So I get to have another pseudo pregnancy with my sister! ;) Due date is December 16th and MrHoppy and I are thrilled to have niece or nephew number 4!

Things have been busy! I promise I'll be updating early on this week. And with Blogger being down the end of last week Fit Friday went by the wayside... Perhaps I'll try to make Fit Tuesday happen...

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