Friday, May 6, 2011

Fit Friday

TGIF everyone! Welcome to another edition of Fit Fridays! WITH pictures this week. I swear, MrHoppy cannot take a decent picture with my iPhone to save his life. I even asked him to try harder today. It is what it is I guess... You'll see me in all my terrible-picture-glory I suppose! ;) We need to invest in a tripod and I'll take them myself with the good camera.

Also I'm getting my hair trimmed tonight after work. I got it done a few weeks ago and she just didn't take enough off. I think I'm going short!

Nutrition: Holy crap I ate terrible this week. We were busy, I was suffering through a severe case of PMS and I just wasn't motivated. I wasn't overeating which is good news but my decisions were not the best. To say the least. Today is a new day and I started it off right with whole wheat peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast. Chicken and an apple for lunch. Chicken and a vegetable for dinner. And loads of water. Loads I tell you. I plan to continue this trend through the weekend.

Fitness: The only thing that saved me from gaining 157 pounds this week was exercise. I did my best with our hectic schedule and am pleased to say I worked out 4 times. They were NOT the best workouts I have ever had (if you read yesterday's post you know why!) but I made the effort which is important.

In other fitness news: I think I'm going to sign up for a 1/2 marathon. Holy shit, even just writing that makes me nervous. I have butterflies thinking about it. I'll write more about it later but the event is here in CO in October. I will be following a training plan if I decide to do it. If I'm going to race, I want to do well.

Weight: 119 today. Thanks AF! Thanks salty food!
Apparently the bloat is hanging out around my belly button? Yuck!


  1. That is awesome that you'll be doing a half marathon this year! I did my first one last year and plan to do it again this year. I'm hoping for a VAST improvement in time. Last year it was all about completion, this year I want to put up a decent number!

  2. I think I fixed the pictures in my post if you want to try checking it out again!