Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

Have I said how excited I am about warm weather? Pretty sure I have once, or twice, or ten times...

Last weekend we had beautiful weather so MrHoppy and I decided to take advantage and get all the Spring yardwork done. I expected to spend the morning slaving away. Do things ever go as planned??

The Lilacs are in full bloom which makes our chores all the sweeter...

See the nice cool dirt Bisa is laying in? Yeah. That was ALL rock that day. We moved the small rock and organized the river rock around my roses and hosta. There I am slaving away in the background while MrHoppy plays with the camera... Note the t-shirt. I was already burned from the work in the front yard earlier on in the day.

I actually wore a hole in the thumb of my gloves. Both MrHoppy and I felt like our fingers were going to fall off by the end of the day. It was hard to wash my hair because they were so raw!

What could cheer us up more after our hard day than this guy giving Gizmo some loves?

This kid is all boy. It's so fun to watch him play and explore.

And this guy... What can I say? I lucked out in the sexy husband department, if I do say so myself... We were going to hit the town that night but we were too exhausted. A night in was just what we needed.

Does anyone have any advice on my pictures? I'm all ears. I haven't edited anything, these are straight off the camera. I still have so much to learn that any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I bought the for dummies book for my camera... I'll get around to reading it someday :) But I heard they are really helpful!!