Monday, March 7, 2011

21 Again?

Sometimes MrHoppy and I think we are 21 again. No joke. We think we can drink it up, stay out late and party like rock stars! Such was the case on this recent night out on the town...

Our good friend is the lead singer of an up and coming band in CO. Ever heard of Random Hero? They are becoming increasingly popular locally and we hadn't heard them play yet. So we trekked down to the Rock Star Lounge where they were playing one night recently.

Side note: this bar sucks. But we were willing to go for A!

Anyway - there were a couple other bands on before them and it was all hard rock. Not usually my favorite but I couldn't wait to hear Random Hero. There was nowhere to sit so A ended up getting us a VIP table right by the stage for free! We just had to pick a bottle to share with our friends who joined us. It ended up being such a fun night. Random Hero didn't play until late and we closed down the bar. When was the last time I did that?? I don't even remember!

They were awesome and I was so impressed. Can't wait to see them play again!
MrHoppy and I took our rings off because it was so cold they kept slipping off. So we were single for the night... ;)
The 21 year olds!
A and MrHoppy before the show
My BIL had just put my bindings on my new board so I was excited. This was after 3AM... Yikes!

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