Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Annoying Day

This day is annoying already. Last night I packed my lunch, packed my gym bag with work clothes and set my alarm for 5:40. I was actually excited to get up, take a class at the gym, run, and then get ready there and head to work. On Wednesdays I get my workout out of the way in the morning so that I can spend these evenings with MrHoppy.

Fast forward to 6:30AM when I startled awake wondering why in the hell it was light out already. I thought I had escaped the alarm issues with the iPhone 4. I guess not, it never went off. Annoying - yes. End of the world - no. It just meant I would spend time after work at the gym instead. Delay our dinner together but no biggie right?

Until this morning when a potential client let me know they want to come in. After work. Meaning that I have to stay late. Meaning no gym. Not to mention my boss has an appointment tonight so he's taking the afternoon off completely. So now I get to cover alone all afternoon, stay late, miss the gym and get home late.

Have I mentioned that I am a total creature of habit? When I have a plan I don't like for it to change. So all of these things together drive me nutso. I am so annoyed right now... :::sigh:::

Oh and I have my post from the weekend in the mountains done, all I have to do is download the few pictures we took. We didn't do very well taking many... Another bummer.

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