Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful on Thursday - Travel

I am so thankful that we have the ability to travel. I would do it more if it were feasible financially! I would say that travel is one of my passions. I love going to the airport, arriving at our destination and exploring a new place. MrHoppy loves it just as much as I do which is great. We make it a priority in our lives, especially now that we are done with IF treatments. Last year was a strain financially and I'm hoping that things continue to get better in that area. So we can travel more of course!

In the next couple months we have a very exciting trip planned. We decided to use our miles for 2 "free" tickets to Seattle to visit MrHoppy's sister, her husband and our new niece J. I haven't met her yet and I cannot wait! They are excellent tour guides so I know we'll see the best of the city. MrHoppy has been there, my BIL is from Washington and my SIL has lived there for years now. I'm the Seattle virgin! Seattle has always been a place I wanted to go, a place I've said I could live even having never seen it in person! It just looks so beautiful and fascinating to me.

While we are there we will be taking the Amtrak Cascades train to Vancouver for 2 nights! Half of my excitment is that I will get to ride on a train for the very first time! This portion of the trip will just be MrHoppy and me - a little romantic getaway on our vacation. We have been researching where to say (we want to be downtown of course) and what to do while we are there. We will have 2.5 full days there and want to make the most of it. Everything I have read says the city is amazing and you just can't see it all in a couple days. So we have decisions to make!

We finally settled on a hotel based on a suggestion from a VERY helpful person on a travel forum. She lives in Vancouver and even sent me a whole list of the best attractions, best restaurants and "must-see's". It was exactly what I was looking for that I just wasn't finding in my online research! We'll be staying at the Sutton Place in downtown Vancouver. Perfect location and we were able to score a deal online for a Deluxe room. We normally don't really care about hotels since we don't spend much time there but this hotel came highly recommended by a local. Along with the perfect location what more could we ask for??

I will post more about what we decide to do during our trip, both in Seattle and Vancouver. Until then I am just anxiously awaiting a vacation to a brand new location! I'm so thankful that we have this opportunity and that I finally get to meet my gorgeous niece!

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