Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Spin me Right Round...

Baby Right Round, Like A Record Baby, Right Round, Round, Round.

Seriously - I feel like my head is spinning lately. I have so many ideas and projects dancing in my head it's hard to concentrate on anything else. Home projects, landscaping projects and we cannot forget the project to update my wardrobe.


And all on a budget. Hence the sigh. If we had all the money to do everything we want I wouldn't be spinning so much! I would just do my research, throw caution to the wind and DIG IN!

Our house was built in 2003 so it's in great shape. There are just a few things that are bothering us lately and we want to update a couple spaces, make them more ours. MrHoppy has "it" as bad as I do. He's been working the last few nights and spending his days watching DIY and HGTV. He said last night (via text of course) he is the builder and I am the designer!

The problem with being the designer? I need to have more direction. There are so many looks I like and I'm not sure how to nail down a "look" for each space while making the home feel cohesive.

On the list for inside our home?
- move the big screen from the basement into our main living area
- figure out how to hang the dang thing
- update wall decor on main floor
- pillows for couch
- take down blinds covering back door and replace with sliding panels
- master bedroom - needs a total overhaul including paint, curtains, bedspread, art, light fixture
- master bathroom - total overhaul including removing wall paper, paint, framing the mirror
- guest bathroom - replace tile on counter and paint, frame mirror, light fixture
- office - total overhaul, light fixture, paint, desk, etc.

I'm not worrying about the guest rooms now. Isn't everything else enough for now?!?! See why my head is spinning?

Thankfully the outdoors can wait a month or so until I really start thinking about it. We have a lot of rock surrounding the back fence and I'd like to fill it in with flowers. We'd love to have a concrete pad poured on the side of the house. Little things that will make a big difference.

Wardrobe? I'm just trying to update my "look". I love fashion and have been making more of an effort to accesorize even when I'm just going to work. There are a few things I want for Spring but I'm being sure to only buy things that will last. I am OK with buying "trends" but only if they are inexpensive. If I'm not going to wear it next season then it must be on sale!

Spring has sprung and I am in overdrive! What are your goals and projects for Spring?

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