Friday, March 4, 2011

Fit Fridays

Welcome to my first "Fit Fridays" post!

I decided that Fridays will be the best day to write about fitness and nutrition. I will have the last week to reflect on and MrHoppy is home in the morning to take pictures of my progress. I'm kind of nervous to post my pictures - while I'm OK with where I am physically I know I can be better. I guess that's the purpose of this right? To document my focus on fitness and health! I'm an open book at this point and writing about it should give me motivation. I want to be able to see my progress.

So without further adieu...

How has the last week gone?

 Physically it went well. I forgot my running shoes on Monday so I ran outside with the monster until it got dark. Worked out on Tuesday night. Wednesday night I forgot my sports bra and didn't realize it until I was changing at the gym. I almost went home but instead I sucked it up and wore my regular bra under a sweatshirt. I have big boobs y'all. It wasn't pretty but I hopped on the elliptical and got through it! Thursday I hit the gym early and today is a day off.

Nutritionally I SUCKED. I'm starting to PMS and was craving salty crap all week. I hate when I do this and it happens every month. I put on a couple pounds of bloat which is discouraging. A friend of mine recommended Midol for my crazy bloating so I think I'll try it this month. Anyone else had success with Midol? Anyway, I need to eat more veggies. I need to focus on balanced meals and lots of protein. I'm normally really good about it so just need to refocus.

Weight was 119 today. Ugh. Just to give some perspective I am about 5'5 but have a very small frame. My most comfortable weight is about 115-116. That's ideally where I would like to be. I do know that as I build muscle and tone I may not be at 115. This is fine with me. My focus is not a number on the scale but rather a toned and healthy body. 3-4 pounds does make a difference on someone my size.

So here is my first progress picture! Ignore the wrinkles on my belly - I sit in the sink to do my makeup and MrHoppy was making fun of them! I will say that I'm starting to notice more definition in my abs which is great as they are my #1 problem area. First place to gain and last place to lose. Everyone has an area like that right?

Taken with my iPhone so ignore the crappy quality. And ignore my swollen boobs - thank you PMS! :) I do have a couple of these sports bras and I LOVE them. So supportive for us bigger chested women and I bought them on clearance at the Nike outlet. I found one similar online, you can order them here. I highly recommend!


  1. You're adorable! We bought an elliptical this week! It was a big splurge but we are really trying to get back into shape and lose the millions of lbs we've put on since we met.

  2. I would die for your #1 problem area! And I loved the info on a good sports bra. As a fellow well-endowed runner, I have the hardest time finding a supportive bra.....

  3. You look fantastic Hoppy! You seriously don't need to drop an ounce but I totally get where you're coming from! I'm my own worst critic.

  4. Thanks gals! I am definitely my harshest critic but I guess that just comes with being a woman? I am hoping to see progress soon!