Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hi Babe

Guess who has started reading my blog? MrHoppy!

So this is your shout-out! And a post to say that while I may say things here that hurt your feelings or that you might not always understand you know how much I love you. And I won't be censoring what I say just because you are a reader. OK?

I have to keep this a place to be able to say anything and everything I need to say.

But I'm excited you are reading it. :)


  1. I decided not to tell my husband about my blog until he comes home. That way I can feel free to really express how I'm feeling about him being gone without him getting to worried. I try not to let him know how much I miss him all the time, it just makes it harder for him. When he gets home I'll tell him about it and let him decide if he cares to read it or not.

    But, hello MrHoppy, I think your wife is great and enjoy reading her blog! :-)

  2. Hi Mr. Hoppy!!! We love your wife and are glad you share her with us ;o)