Friday, March 11, 2011

Fit Fridays

TGIF everyone! I'm thinking about the people in Japan and the Pacific affected by the earthquake aand tsunami today. I find tsunamis both fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

On to fit Fridays!

Fitness: I did really well this week. I have worked out 4 days so far and am planning my 5th tomorrow. This includes running, a core class at the gym which is SO hard and 2 days of lifting. It feels so good to stay on track with my workouts.

Nutrition: Sucked it up again this week. We have been eating out way more than normal and I know this is where my problems lie. I had a talk with MrHoppy last night - my mind frame isn't where it usually is in regard to nutrition. I'm usually the one that keeps us on track. Lately I've been slipping and being lazy. When he suggests going out it hasn't taken much convincing... So he agreed to help me by not suggesting it and reminding me to eat balanced meals at home. Thank goodness I'm working out - I would be gaining if I wasn't!

Weight: Same as last week. I guess this is OK, I started my period today so hopefully some bloat will go away by next week and it will show on the scale. Again, I'm not focusing on a number but it sure doesn't hurt to see it go down!

Here are some pictures taken with my iphone this morning by MrHoppy. He keeps saying he can see definition forming in my stomach so we'll see. I'm not convinced but I'm going to keep working at it! The sides and top look ok to me it's just the area around my belly button that I am not happy with.
Front view
Back view, not too shabby
Side view

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  1. You are motivating me. Thanks! Down two pounds in the last couple of week! My goal is to lose 7 more :)